Token Utility & Staking

Starting as a governance token for the protocol there are various possible utilities for the token and they are all configurable to adjust to different use cases and integrations:

Staking and Utility sinks that may exist for JUICE:


1) Token Buy Back: To maintain stability and safeguard the interests of our token holders, the JUICE DAO, a BVI entity, retains a percentage of fees captured by the platform. These fees may be used to generate an ongoing buy-back program with a target of apporximity 50% of fees generated.

The options for token allocation by the DAO will initially be to buy back circulating supply, used to deepen $JUIICE/WETH liquidity pools or to allocate supply towards additional ecosystem rewards.

2) LP Token Staking & Locking: To incentivize a health ecosystem Juice rewards stakers that contribute to our LP (JUICE/WETH) through our dashboard. To accomplish this stakers must pair their JUICE with WETH using our widget that integrates through Thruster or directly on the Thruster dex, then deposit the LP token into the Hyperlock vault on our user interface. This allows stakers to earn excess $Juice rewards, in addition to Thruster rewards, Hyperlock rewards & Blast rewards.

To enhance $Juice rewards stakers can lock their JUICE/WETH for 5 epoch periods, the longer the epoch the greater the rewards per day: One Week, One Month, Three Month, Six Months or One Year. At the end of each staking period user must restake through our dashboard to continue to earn excess $Juice rewards. Though once LP tokens are within a staking lock period they may not be unlocked. The lock mechanism is fully permissionless & can not be modified. (STAKED TOKENS DO NOT RECEIVE BLAST GOLD FROM JUICE) - They are however subject to receiving Blast Gold from the LP Protocol Thruster, and the Booster Hyperlock.

A link to our staking page may be found here:

Our staking contract may be found here:

(Note: Staked Tokens do not contribute to the margin health balance of open positions and will not be liquidated when positions are closed to avoid $Juice liquidation waterfalls.)

Coming Soon:

3) Early DeFi Vault Access: Juice Finance strives to constantly enhance & broaden DeFi integrations through the Blast ecosystem to maximize yield & point accumulation. Juice may introduce staking mechanics that provide borrowers early access to newly integrated protocol vaults with lower initial TVL & higher yield opportunities.

In addition to early vault access, as Juice may increase leverage available to borrowers, max leverage multiplier may depend on two crucial factors: the total staked token amount and the duration of the stake (vs) notional max leverage available (ie notional leverage multiplier points)

This incentivizes borrowers to lock their $Juice tokens for a longer duration & discourages un-staking in-between borrows while aligning their interests with the long-term success of the ecosystem.

4) Partner/Developer Grants & Others Possible Utility: The $Juice DAO is open to new integrations & innovations. External protocols or developers may also propose their own staking contract or utility to request $Juice grant support. If the DAO believes the request is in the best interest of the ecosystem it may vote to approve partner or developer support grants.

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