Earn more yield, rewards, points and airdrops with Juice

Welcome to JUICE Finance, a disruptive Cross-Margin DeFi application built on the Blast ecosystem's Layer 2 infrastructure. JUICE Finance introduces innovative cross-margin lending capabilities and using Blast's native rebasing tokens (native ETH, WETH, and USDB) with gas refund mechanics. Our platform is designed to empower users with composable leverage, enabling them to maximize their yield and point farming activities within the Blast ecosystem.

To bridge assets on or off the BLAST ecosystem we recommend using the native BLAST bridge here:

What is JUICE?

JUICE is a permissionless lending protocol that allows users to access up to 3x leverage on their collateral to use in the most well vetted & popular DApps in the Blast ecosystem. JUICE is designed to help users accumulate:

  • More Yield

  • More Points

  • More Airdrops

  • More Rewards

At JUICE Finance, our core vision is to serve as the premier destination for users looking to optimize their yield and point farming on Blast. Whether you're a lender seeking passive APY opportunities or a borrower aiming to capitalize on DeFi protocols yields, rewards, and points.

Key Features

  • Lending: Earn passive APY by providing either USDB or WETH liquidity from the Lend page on JUICE, with no impermanent loss, no need for active management and continuously accumulate JUICE points.

  • Borrowing: Access up to 3x leverage by collateralizing WETH or an LRT on the Borrowers page. Once deposited borrowers may borrow again the their deposited collateral & use the borrowed funds to deposit into integrated DeFi vaults to earn yields, rewards, and points.

  • Farming Vaults: Borrowers deposit their borrowed USDB or WETH into JUICE Vaults that integrate with DeFi protocols like Thruster, Hyperlock, Wasabi, and Particle and deliver yields. JUICE maximizes rewards for users ensure that all yields, rewards, and points are delivered back to our users.

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