How to Lend

Earning with JUICE is as simple as lending on other popular lending protocols. Lenders play a crucial role within the Juice ecosystem. Lenders provide liquidity in USDB or WETH to the Juice liquidity pools, making borrowing activities within the JUICE ecosystem possible. You can't be liquidated and you don't need to actively manage anything. You will earn Juice points in addition to a lending APR + Dev airdrops, and more.

Lending Pool is configured with an interest rate strategy and uses Blast's USDB or WETH as the lending token. The blast native yield is configured as claimable.

Lending Process

  1. Navigate to the Lend page on the JUICE Finance website.

  2. Supply USDB or WETH into the lending pool

    1. Enter the amount of USDB or WETH you wish to supply to the pool

    2. Click Approve to approve the amount you wish to supply

    3. After the approve transaction confirms, click the Supply button to supply the USDB or WETH

  3. To Withdraw liquidity

    1. Return to the Lend page

    2. Toggle from Supply to Withdraw

    3. Specify the desired amount and click Withdraw

There are risks associated with lending to JUICE's Lending Pool. Before lending to the protocol you should review the risks disclosed here.

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