JUICE borrowers have the flexibility to deploy their assets across various vetted Blast ecosystem DeFi protocols and strategies, tailoring their approach to maximize yield and point farming opportunities. Here's what you need to know:

JUICE Strategy Vaults

Borrowers have full discretion over their risk and vault strategy selection from a range of vetted protocols.You decide the strategy that aligns best with your investment goals and risk appetite.


Third Party Integrations

All trades and farming operations occur on third-party protocols such as Thruster, Hyperlock, and Particle.

JUICE Protocol does not function as a trading platform or protocol. It lacks its own order books or control over the secondary market.

Integrations with JUICE are diverse, reflecting its composability-focused design. Currently supported integration types include:

  • Liquidity Pools: These pools facilitate trading and provide liquidity for various assets. Each pool has its own characteristics and risks.

  • Leveraged Spot: Leveraged spot trading enables users to amplify their trading positions, potentially increasing profits but also magnifying losses.

  • Perpetual Liquidity: Perpetual liquidity pools support perpetual swaps, a type of derivative contract, offering continuous trading opportunities.

  • Managed Pools: These pools are actively managed by protocols to optimize returns, often employing sophisticated strategies.

There are fees associated with farming using JUICE's Strategy Vaults. The actual fees are displayed in the application. You can learn more about JUICE Finance's fees in general here.

Integration Goals

The overarching goal of JUICE is to foster open-source integration with both existing and new Blast protocols. By doing so, JUICE aims to empower users to maximize farming and yield opportunities in a capital-efficient manner. JUICE borrowers can strategically deploy their assets to achieve their desired financial outcomes within the DeFi ecosystem.

There are risks associated with farming using JUICE's Strategy Vaults. Before depositing into the vaults you should review the risks disclosed here.

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