Borrowers on JUICE Finance initiate the borrowing process by depositing WETH, which serves as collateral to access leverage of up to 3x using our USDB pools. This borrowed USDB can then be utilized across vetted Blast eco DeFi protocols and strategies, maximizing opportunities for yield farming.

There are risks involved with borrowing on JUICE Finance, including the possibility of losing funds and facing liquidation. If liquidation occurs, both borrowed funds and deposited collateral are at risk. Learn more about liquidations here.

Borrowing Process Overview

To generate farming position on JUCIE it is a 3 step process as details:

  1. Deposit WETH as Collateral: Begin by depositing WETH into your account as collateral.

  2. Borrow USDB: Upon deposit confirmation, borrowers can borrow USDB from the lending pool, enabling leverage.

  3. Deploy into a Strategy Vault (Farm): Utilize the borrowed funds by deploying them into a strategy vault of your choice on the platform's Farm page.

Borrower Credit Account

Upon creating a borrowing account, a smart contract called Borrower Credit Account is generated. This contract is managed by the borrower and facilitates key functions, including receiving the requested loan from the lending pool, interacting with various strategies to earn yields, and managing positions or loan repayments. The account also has mechanisms so a liquidator can liquidate the account if it falls below the margin requirements.

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