Juice Finance's lending functions as a pool where lenders deposit USDB or WETH on the Lend page which borrowers can utilize after posting collateral to ensure lender safety. Lending on JUICE is passive, there is no need for active management & there is no impermanent loss. In addition all Lenders will get all Blast & Blast Gold points distributed back to them, JUICE points & earn a variable interest rate based on the utilization of the pool.

Lender Asset Safety

Prior to borrowing on Juice Finance from Lenders, Borrowers must collateralize their WETH or LRT to in order to borrow. This collateralization process provides security for lenders because collateral can be liquidated to repay lenders. Collateralization ratios may vary depending on the borrowing activity and risk parameters defined by the platform.

Interest Rate

All open borrows on JUICE pay a lending rate (APR) back to the lending liquidity pool. This APR fee is distributed pro-rata to all lenders. The interest rate model closely follows models in other popular lending protocols. As the utulization of liquidity in the pool increases, the rate increases as well. The rate of increase also increases as utilization increases. Learn more below

Lender Interest Rate

What Borrowers can do with Lended assts

Borrowers are allow to borrow against their collateral amount. Borrowed USDB or WETH is deposited into a smart contract account which is only allowed to deposit the USDB into well vetted DApps on Blast. Having each borrow have their own smart contract account allows Juice liquidators the ability to liquidated deposits into DApps as soon as margin requirements are not met to protect Lenders deposits.

There are risks associated with lending to JUICE's Lending Pool. Before lending to the protocol you should review the risks disclosed here.

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