JUICE's permissionless lending & borrowing protocol that allows users to margin trade with up to 3x leverage across the most well vetted & popular DApps in the Blast ecosystem, designed to help users accumulate more points & yield.

Juice Finance serves two primary user roles: Lenders and Borrowers. Each role plays a crucial part in the platform's ecosystem, contributing to its liquidity, stability, and growth. Here's a detailed overview of each user type:


Lenders provide liquidity to the platform by depositing USDB or WETH into the lending pool on the Lend section of the website. Lenders earn an annual percentage yield (APY) without experiencing impermanent loss. Lenders play a vital role in facilitating borrowing activities within the Juice ecosystem by ensuring sufficient liquidity for borrowers to access leverage.

Key Points for Lenders

  • Deposit USDB or WETH to earn passive yield

  • No impermanent loss: Your deposited assets remain intact while earning interest.

  • Earn Juice points in addition to a variable lending APY, Blast & Blast Gold points.

  • Participate in the growth of the Juice Finance ecosystem by providing liquidity.



Borrowers on Juice Finance access up to 3x leverage on their WETH collateral. Borrowers collateralize WETH or LRT's and borrow USDB or WETH from the lending pool. Once the borrow is generated against deposited collateral, borrowers can deploy in well vetted & popular DApps in the Blast ecosystem to maximize point & yield farming.

Key Points for Borrowers:

  • Collateralize WETH to borrow USDB with leverage (up to 3x).

  • Collateralize LRT's to borrow WETH with leverage (up to 3x).

  • Deploy borrowed funds into vetted Blast ecosystem DeFi protocols and strategies.

  • Manage your borrowings and positions efficiently through a dedicated smart contract account.


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